Diesel Boy – Gets Old LP

Diesel Boy – ” Gets Old” LP


Artist: Diesel Boy
Title: Gets Old
Label: SBÄM Records
Release year: 2023
Pressing: 12″ grey vinyl

A1. Lost Decade
A2. Dirty Dishes
A3. Viking Funeral
A4. Corpse Paint Blues
A5. The Turk
A6. The Finnish Line
B1. Bismarck
B2. Short And To The Point
B3. Festival Summer
B4. Internet Girl
B5. Swan Song
B6. Two Stones

“Well here’s one probably nobody else than the band expected: a new goddamn Diesel Boy album. “Gets Old” is their first album in twenty-two years after going on hiatus following 2001’s “Rock Hard And Put Away Wet”, so a history lesson may be in order here. Diesel Boy released a string of melodic punk albums during the late 90s that earned them seminal status within the punk rock scene. Think signature-style punk from that era where you could essentially nutshell it as part Lagwagon, part NUFAN, part NOFX, part Swingin’ Utters, and part Vandals. Throw in a band of your choice active on Epitaph or Fat Wreck during those years and you’d be good.”

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