No Fun At All – Lowrider LP

No Fun At All – “Lowrider” LP


Artist: No Fun At All
Title: Lowrider
Label: SBÄM Records
Release date: 2021
Pressing: 12″ white vinyl

01. My Mind Mine
02. Never Ending Stream
03. Reckless
04. Anything Could Happen Here
05. Forevermore
06. It's Such A Good Thing
07. Man With The Powers
08. Sorry To Say
09. Such A Shame
10. Episode 666
11. The Beautiful Sound
12. Wind-Up
13. Willingly Unknowing
14. There Must Be A Better Way
15. Never Ending Stream (acoustic)

“Re-release of the fifth full-length by Swedish skatepunk legends No Fun At All! New artwork, same fast, ripping melodic punk.”

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