RKL Riches To Rags LP

RKL – “Riches To Rags” LP


Artist: Rich Kids On LSD
Title: Riches To Rags
Label: La Agonia De Vivir
Release year: 2021
Pressing: 12″ black vinyl

A1. We're Back, We're Pissed
A2. Beautiful Feeling Pt. 3
A3. In Your Mind
A4. House Guest
A5. Will To Survive
A6. Rancho Burger
B1. Give It Up
B2. Betrayed
B3. Heavily Sedated
B4. H.P.C.
B5. Take Me Home

“Vinyl re-release of the 1994 classic on Epitaph! RKL (or better known as Rich Kids On LSD) serve as one of the most influential punk bands to ever exist. Snotty, technical yet melodic. Should be in everyone's vinyl collection, pronto.”

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