Sweet Empire – All Empires Fall LP

Sweet Empire – “All Empires Fall” LP


Artist: Sweet Empire
Title: All Empires Fall
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2023
Pressing: 12″ pink vinyl

1. Passivity
2. Don’t Swing In Mood. Swing The Hammer
3. The Means Of Destruction
4. White Cult
5. No Gods. No Pedals
6. Into The Sea
7. Disfunctional Disconnection
8. Rosa Parks
9. Peer Review Me!
10. Youthful Nostalgia
11. Guilotines
12. The Mapmaker
13. Hostile World

“Sweet Empire is a politically engaged melodic punk rock band from The Netherlands. Their sound is aggressive and emotional, yet melodic and playful. Great mix of elements from 80’s and 90’s punk rock and hardcore. Last full-length from these guys!”

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