Ten Foot Pole – Escalating Quickly LP

Ten Foot Pole – “Escalating Quickly” LP


Artist: Ten Foot Pole
Title: Escalating Quickly
Release date: June 2019
Catalog number: MWR-058
Pressing: 12″ transculent clear vinyl

Please note this album has been pressed on multiple colours and this transculent clear 12″ vinyl version is the exclusive Morning Wood Records colour variant, limited to 200 copies.

1. Everything Dies
2. Don’t Be A Dick
3. Numb
4. Forever Road
5. Long Night
6. Victim Of Humility
7. The Jackals
8. The Antidote
9. I Hate The Night
10. Unbroken
11. Goodbye Sunny Days

“Escalating Quickly” – Ten Foot Pole’s new album and first featuring all new songs since 2004!

“If I never do a record after this I would want people to remember me by this record.” – Ryan Greene (producer for NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon)

Vocals and rhythm guitars: Dennis Jagard
Guitars and backing vocals: Scott Hallquist
Bass guitar: “Lil” Joe Raposo (Lagwagon / RKL)
Drums: Sean Sellers
Additional Guitars and Solos: Dan Palmer (Zebrahead / Death By Stereo), Dan Jacobs (Atreyu), Keith Divel Keyboards, Loops, Percussion and Coffee: Ryan Greene

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